Help with Housing

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Due to rising housing costs, 1 in 2 families in the Tampa Bay area are now paying more than they can afford on rent. Pinellas County is actively working with partners to create more long-term affordable housing options while providing relief now for people struggling to pay rent and other housing costs.

The following programs offer help with rent and mortgage costs, assistance for families facing homelessness, and places to look for available affordable rental housing.

Note: Many programs have specific income requirements or may have limited resources.

I am worried about being evicted or have received an eviction notice

Eviction Assistance Program: If you are overdue on your rent, don’t wait until you get an eviction notice to seek help. Free legal assistance is available:

Gulf Coast Legal Services Housing Stability Assistance

Community Law Program (Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program): Call (727) 582-7475 (Landlords/Tenants)

Bay Area Legal Services: 800-625-2257

Facing eviction now? Know your rights – Read Gulf Coast Legal Services’ Tenant Rights guide.

I am looking for an affordable rental home or apartment

Pinellas County is working with partners to bring thousands of new affordable rental homes and apartments to the community in the coming years, but the current stock of affordable, rent-restricted housing is at a historic low. Learn more about available options or how to apply for a waiting list for affordable housing:

  • The Florida Housing Finance Corporation has a database to help renters locate available apartments in their area:
  • County and City Housing Authorities offer long-term affordable housing and rental assistance programs for income-eligible families, the elderly and persons with disabilities, but most currently have long waiting lists.
    • Pinellas County Housing Authority (727) 443-7684
    • Clearwater Housing Authority (727) 461-5777
    • St. Petersburg Housing Authority (727) 323-3171
  • Seniors on fixed incomes may find available housing through this statewide housing directory: Affordable Assisted Living Facilities Directory

My family is facing homelessness

  • The Adult Emergency Financial Assistance Program (AEFAP) helps individuals and married couples without minor children by providing financial assistance to help prevent evictions, foreclosures, and unhealthy living conditions as essential employment needs (uniforms, equipment). If you have a max income of $25,760 annually or $2,147 per month for a one-person household, you may qualify. Assistance is available on an annual basis based on need for Pinellas County residents. More information is available at this website.
  • The Family Services Initiative also provides a variety of help ranging from rental assistance to child care for families with qualifying income levels who have minor aged children. Learn more.

I need help with my mortgage/homeownership costs

I need help with a down payment or home improvements

I need assistance finding other kinds of help

211 Tampa Bay Cares connects residents to a wide variety of helpful services offered by local governments, nonprofits and other agencies throughout Pinellas County and our 24 cities. Dial 211, text your zip code to 898211 or use the 211 app.

I need to file a complaint about unsafe living conditions

Pinellas County Code Enforcement Division regulates code compliance in Pinellas County’s unincorporated neighborhoods and maintains a reporting system for complaints. If you live in an unincorporated area of Pinellas County and feel your living conditions are unsafe (for example, due to lack of adequate ventilation or running water), call (727) 464-4761.

If you live in an incorporated area within Pinellas County, visit your city’s website for information about how to file a complaint. If you are not sure which jurisdiction you reside in, please call Pinellas County Code Enforcement and our staff will look up your address and direct you to the appropriate department or municipality.

Mobile Home Park Complaints can be filed with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, a state agency that enforces the Florida Mobile Home Act (FL Statute 723) – this law applies to the rental of mobile homes located on a rented or leased lot in a mobile home park where 10 or more lots are offered for rent or lease. For more info, call (850) 488-1122.

For sanitation issues at mobile home parks, contact the Florida Department of Health Pinellas County.

I need to file a complaint about housing discrimination

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental or financing of housing based on race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, familial status or disability. Report housing discrimination to the Pinellas County Office of Human Rights by calling (727) 464-4880.

I need legal help

The following services offer legal help for free or affordable rates for residents in need:

  • Self Help Centers
    • Provides affordable legal help to county residents who represent themselves in court and do not have a private attorney. Attorneys only assist with family law, landlord-tenant and small claims.
    • For more information, call:
      • Clearwater – (727) 464-5150
      • St. Petersburg – (727) 582-7941
      • North County – (727) 464-5150
  • Gulfcoast Legal Services
    • (727) 821-0726
    • Provides free legal aid to income eligible residents of the greater Tampa Bay area. Services include housing, mortgage foreclosure and consumer matters.
  • Bay Area Legal Services
    • (800) 625-2257
    • Provides free civil legal help to income-eligible residents, seniors and veterans.
  • Community Law Program
    • (727) 582-7480
    • Provides free civil legal services to financially eligible residents.
  • Lawyer Referral Service
    • (727) 461-4880
    • Makes legal services readily available to individuals and families in need of a lawyer.
  • Florida Senior Legal Helpline
    • 1-888-895-7873
    • A free statewide legal service funded by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and managed by Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. Provides free legal advice and brief services to Florida residents aged 60 and older.